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MAZDA Kusabi

model MAZDA Kusabi

Frankfurt motor show MAZDA introduced in the autumn of 2003 the model MAZDA Kusabi, which has demonstrated its sports compact.


MAZDA Kusabi this amazing car: he and aggressive and at the same moment stylish . compact car and expressed sporty,compact and spacious in slope of the roof and gave the new model. "Wedge" if translated into Japanese " kusabi". Attractive, kind of doing the narrow lights and lanterns.

The engine in this vehicle diesel with a 1.6 liter,transmission 6-speed. The length of the car just 3.8 meters, wheelbase factor of 2.49 m,the width of the vehicle 1,75 m. the car is on the 17-inch wheels with wider tires. A good turn of the front backrests that facilitates access to the rear of the machine. The tailgate is opened in two ways, in whole or separate halves, so it is with side access folded seat increases the capacity of the Luggage.

The car is suitable for every day, is made in the corporate style is allocated radiator Pentagon grille to his appearance is as attractive roof and Windows.

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